We provide following services:

1.  BSL2 lab design in available space in medical and science 


2.  Lab set up with partitioning


3. Lab set up with work benches in 304 SS grade 

4.  Location of instruments in each with single 

     direction workflow  as per NABL, NIH, CDC and WHO norms

5.  Demonstration and Real Time PCR and Gradient PCR 

     instrumentation and DNA RNA extraction with biosafety 


6. Standardization of Real Time PCR and Other general PCR         as per requirements 

7. SOP preparation for all labs from washing room to reporting 

8. Making lab functional and replenishment of reagents, kits, 

    primers and probes, Controls etc. 

9. Skill development in all workflow based protocols: Sample 

    processing, DNA RNA extraction, PCR RT PCR Real time            RT PCR, single plexing and multiplexing data analysis and           reporting 


Our International and National Scientific Advisors and Experts in Molecular Biology and Virology provides all solution for testing novel Coronavirus 2 causing COVID19, alongwith research based diagnostics on Bat Coronavirus and SARS Coronavirus. Primers and probes for common genes: conserved confirmatory gene RdRp and structrural genes, N, E, S, M, etc  

We also provide solution for guidance on raw materials required for developing RT PCR kits. We provide online assistance for the better understanding of the viruses and common queries of lab technicians for better interpretation of results. 

We also help in troubleshooting, care to be taken for sampling, RNA extraction, Real Time PCR assays, Result interpretation and reporting, Viral DNA sequencing and sequence analysis with submission to NCBI database, Viral phylogenetics and comparative taxonomy. 


We also help in viral load testing using COVID19 RdRp, E gene, N Gene with sensitivity of 2 copies of COVID19 RNA genome.